Secret Levels are a type of level in Super Mario Sunshine. In most of these levels, F.L.U.D.D. is taken away by Shadow Mario, and Mario must rely on his acrobatic skills. most of these levels are noted by players to be extremely difficult, most notably The Shell's Secret and the Secret of the Village Underside.

Notable obstacles

  • Red and Blue platforms that rotate constantly. The red ones rotate, followed by the blue ones.
  • Long square blocks that rotate with colored pegs on them. Mario must avoid the pegs while avoiding falling off.
  • Colored cubes with glass that rotate or move.
  • Blocks of sand that crumble when Mario stands on them, regenerating shortly after.
  • Moving blocks that look like Yoshi Eggs.
  • Orange blocks with no special function except moving.
  • Star shaped platforms that spin.

List of levels where F.L.U.D.D. is taken away

Image Episode Name Level Summary

Episode 3:

The Hillside Cave Secret

Bianco Hills In this episode, Mario must find a cave and complete a secret level.
Secret Of The Dirty Lake.png

Episode 6:

Secret of the Dirty Lake

Bianco Hills In this episode, Mario must find a cave while the lake is dirty and complete a secret level.

Episode 4:

The Secret of Ricco Tower

Ricco Harbor
Episode Gelato Beach
Episode Pinna Park
Episode Pinna Park
Episode Sirena Beach
Episode Sirena Beach
Episode Noki Bay
Episode Pianta Vollage
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